Learn More - Intro Class

learn moreIntroClass

You don't have to know anything about scriptwriting to take this class.  

In eight, short weeks you will go from zero to working on your own script pages.

The class is formatted to help the student create pages immediately and then build on previous work to continue that growth in a fun, dynamic lecture and peer-driven workshop.

Students are given all the tools they need to understand and implement scriptwriting techniques each week.

Once finished with this class, the student should then matriculate to the Intermediate Class (which is ongoing every 10-11 weeks) to continue and finish their work!
Most importantly, both this and the Intermediate class are fun and build life-long relationships.

Class Discussion and Lecture Topics

  • Scenes
  • Scene Sequences
  • Structure
  • Characterization
  • Theme
  • Plot
  • Mythology
  • World Visions
  • ...and more!